The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) is the professional association for New Zealand dentists. As well as providing services for its members, the NZDA is the one body able to speak on behalf of NZ dentistry as a whole.


We also provide information and advice to consumers.


Ebola Update

The NZDA is unaware of any specific Ebola threat in New Zealand,  however you may be interested to read information on Ebola and in particular the precautions that the American Dental Association released earlier this week.

NZ Ministry of Health information can be located <<HERE

The information provided by ADA can be located <<HERE 


NZDA Mentorship Programme

Interested in becoming a Mentor in 2015? Apply before Dec 1st so you don't miss out on this great opportunity. Click here for more information and application forms.


Codes of Practice

The NZDA Board approved the following fully revised and updated NZDA Codes of Practice at the August 2014 Board meeting in Christchurch: 


Codes of Practice Full Revisions

Code of Practice Infection prevention and control in dental practice

Code of Practice General anaethesia in dentistry

Code of Practice Transmissible major viral infections

Code of Practice Public statements by dentists

Code of Practice Referral of patients


Codes of Practice Updates

Code of Practice Informed consent


The Codes of Practice are 'living documents' and members are encouraged to advise Hugh Trengrove of any suggested changes in content.


Water Fluoridation

We encourage those wanting to know more about water fluoridation to check out evidence-based information sources, like the new Ministry of Health Fluoride Facts website


NZDA Events Calendar

The Biomechanical Functioning of Teeth, Biomimetics & the Restorative Implications!

Rhondium Ltd

Christchurch, 27 Nov 2014

Speaker: Dr Graeme Milicich

Format: Hands On, Lecture, Peer Contact

Category: Dental Education, General Dentistry, Infection Control, Preventative Dentistry

Event Type: Multi-Location

Leadership Strategies - Part of Prime Practice Management Program

Prime Practice

Sydney Australia, 27 Nov 2014

Speaker: Patric Moberger & Anita Roubicek

Format: Hands On, Lecture

Category: Dental Education, Dental Materials, Patient Management, Practice Management

Event Type: Multi-Location

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