The New Zealand Dental Association (NZDA) is the professional association for New Zealand dentists. As well as providing services for its members, the NZDA is the one body able to speak on behalf of NZ dentistry as a whole.


We also provide information and advice to consumers.


Community Service Grants

10x US$1,000 and one US$8,000 are available for dentists to plan and implement oral health projects in New Zealand. Do not miss this opportunity to do some community work to improve the oral health of high risk adults.

Click here for more information and to apply.


Water Fluoridation

We encourage those wanting to know more about water fluoridation to check out evidence-based information sources, like the new Ministry of Health Fluoride Facts website


NZDA Events Calendar

nzda presents: Is your clinical work costing you money..............? Have you ever asked..............? by Dr Richard Niederman

How good is that composite, that implant system, that disinfectant? What is the REAL evidence regarding the use and failure rates of things you do and use in clinical practice? Not what the glossy brochures and advertising say, but what the evidence says. Can you save time, money and stress? >>>READ MORE

Intro to Implants & Impression Techniques

Biomet Australia Pty Ltd

Blenheim, 23 Sep 2014

Speaker: Tracy Piper

Format: Hands On

Category: Dental Implants

Event Type: Single Location

Webinar: Maximiese Chair-Time Utilisation Online Masterclass

Software of Excellence

Online, 23 Sep 2014

Speaker: Jonathan Engle

Format: Internet

Category: Practice Management

Event Type: Multi-Location

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